Emergency contraception

Data gathering

  • Red flags – abdo pain, PCB, IMB
  • Others – consent, LMP, prev emergency contraception use, LARC, STI, periods


Clinical management

  • Investigations
    • Pregnancy test
    • Swabs
  • Explanation / Treatment
    • The pill (levonelle – 72hr) – take as soon as possible after UPSI. prevents release of egg or prevents implantation. if vomits within 2 hours, take another pill as soon as possible.
    • (give ulipristal up to 120hours (5d). Only for over 18s)
    • The copper coil (IUCD) – most effective, can be left in, up to 5d
    • After using emergency contraception, use barrier contraception
  • Follow-up / safety net
    • PIL, If after using emergency contraception, your next period is late, do a pregnancy test, discuss long term contraceptive options
    • abdo pain – see dr