Data gathering

  • Red flags – fever, weight loss
  • Others – locking, giving way, night pain, impact on life, time off work
  • Examine – joint examination, gait


Clinical management

  • Investigations
    • Bloods
    • XR
  • Explanation
    • joints are where two bones meet. there is smooth tissue on the ends of bones called cartilage. there is also fluid around the joint to help lubricate the joint. in OA, the cartilage and bones can become damaged from wear and tear.
  • Treatment
    • Lifestyle – weight loss, exercise
    • Analgesia – paracetamol, topical NSAIDs (hands/knees)
    • Steroid injections
  • Follow-up / Safety-net
    • Refer physio
    • Refer ortho – if failure of conservative measures