Data gathering

  • Red flags – residual neurology, LOC, confusion, seizures, >1 episode
  • Others – unilateral weakness, speech, vision, witness, duration
  • Examine – BP, CN, CVS (?AF), BMI


Clinical management

  • Explanation
    • a group of symptoms which occur due to a temporary lack of blood supply to the brain – usually due to small clot blocking a blood vessel in the brain – it is considered a warning sign that you are at a higher risk of a stroke and heart attack
  • Treatment
    • Refer
      • 2 TIAs in one week – refer to hospital
      • ABCD2 score of 4 – aspirin 300mg, TIA clinic within 24hr
      • ABCD2 score of 3 – aspirin 300mg, TIA clinic within 1 week
    • Lifestyle – stop smoking, control BP, treat cholesterol, AF, weight loss
  • Safety net/Followup – see again in 1 week, if happens again, call ambulance